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foot care & detox ion spa and patches for detoxification

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Foot Care & Detox
Healing Lamp carries a line of excellent, affordable commercial foot detox supplies.

Detox Foot Patch
Entire Internal Cleanse through Foot Detox
30 Day Supply - Results Overnight
A New Approach to Internal Cleansing Through Foot Detox

Herbal Accent Detox Foot Patch features a revolutionary new idea that it detoxifies your body by using an extracted herbal essence from plants. It naturally draws toxins out of your feet by simply sticking the patch to the bottom of your feet before bedtime. Allow 8-10 hours to activate, and feel the result next morning.

Features at a glance:

  • Absorbs moistures through the foot while you sleep.
  • One patch per night
  • External use only
  • Ingredients: bamboo vinegar, herbal extracts, ionic tourmaline, trace minerals chito-oligo saccaride and vitamins.
  • 30 patches/box

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$39 + shipping*

INTELLECT Ion Detox Foot Spa
Internal Cleanse Through Foot Detox
Results in Minutes

The INTELLECT Iron Detox Foot Spa helps liver, kidney, parasite cleanse and detoxification; promotes anti-aging, enhances immune system, relieves pain, fights fatigue and improves sleep.* For normal detoxification, it requires only 10 to 15 minutes. For best and thorough detoxification, the session takes 30 minutes, leaving you refreshed and energized Class IIIa, professional, hi-tech, dual featured, 5 mW laser pen with solid state diode. Both continuous and pulsed mode (10 Hz) are offered in the same unit. A slide switch turns the unit on (indicated with an LED light) and changes the frequency from continuous to 10 Hz pulsed mode.

Product includes:

  • Spa itself
  • Electrode plate
  • Power cord
  • Cuff strap
  • Adhesive stretchable strap
  • Deluxe carrying case

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Our Price:
$549 + shipping*


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