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Healthy Living Products
Healing Lamp carries a line of excellent, affordable, and often hard to find healthy living products.
Portable Oxygen Generator
MicroCare Snore Stopper
Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Far Infrared Dry Sauna!

The Portable Dry Sauna is characteristic of immediate heating by emitting far infrared ray to penetrate into the deep skin tissues for the purpose of improving blood circulation, promoting metabolism and relieving pain. It takes 8-10 minutes for a person to become sweating thoroughly. Proven effective for muscle relaxation, inner detoxifying, body slimming, energizing, facial toning & beautifying; and health optimizing, the Portable Far Infrared Sauna provides the best benefits and convenience to enjoy total wellness at home, in office or on travel.

The Portable Dry Sauna is easy to set up, operate and store. Low cost, it is a great tool for natural health practitioners and a perfect gift for lay persons.


hand-held controller
far infrared ray heating panel
optional foldaway chair
two wooden supporting poles
wooden Foot massage


detoxification & skin cleanse
slimming and weight control
muscle & joint pain relief
cardiovascular fitness
sleeping better at night
rid of cold and flu


Dimensions: 820 x 670 x 990mm

Power: 800w
Highest temperature:70℃
Color box :99 x13 x 70 cm 2pcs/ctn,
Cartons size : 101 x 28 x 72 cm
G.W. : 10kgs/set
20ft': 280 pcs
40ft': 580 pcs

Caution: The above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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$560.00 + $30.00 shipping

Introducing SaniMaid
A New Hi-Tech Health Product
Keeping Homes & Offices Healthily Clean

The SaniMaid is a simple to use hi-tech sanitary product that uses salt to easily produce Javell Water (NACIO) within minutes in your home or office. Javell Water is mild chlorine based disinfectant that is widely used in Japan, S. Korea and throughout Asia. The SaniMaid sterilizes, disinfects, deodorizes and kills germs on a wide range of items such as kitchen utensils, bathroom floors, toilets, sinks, refrigerators and countertops.

SaniMaid can also be used to clean and remove chemical residues from fruits, vegetables, meat and fish helping to keep them fresh for a longer period of time.

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The SaniMaid will help reduce and eliminate germs, bacteria and viruses in 2-10 minutes. It has also been successfully used in Japan, S. Korean and Hong Kong as a disinfectant on both humans and animals for such conditions as athletes foot, itching skin and minor infections.

Just fill the SaniMaid with tap water and add regular table salt according to the instructions included. Once the solution is made, you can pour the solution in the included storage container and add as needed in the included spray bottle. Just spray onto the area you wish to disinfect or pour into a bowl to clean your fruits and vegetables.

Approved for use in hospitals, public places and homes by the foreign Department of Health, the SaniMaid is an ideal addition for every office and family who wish to have a germ free environment.

Technical Data:
  • Voltage: 110V, 60 Hz

  • Working voltage: DC 7V

  • Power: 12W

  • Volume: 500 ml

  • Javell water delivery time: 20 minutes

  • No water filters required to change

  • Sanitation efficiency: 99%

  • Accessories include measuring cup, spoon, Javelle water (NaClO) storage bottle and spray bottle.
  • Simple, safe and convenient to use

  • Clean, harmless and no side effect

  • Low cost and great performance (a few pennies a day)

  • Wide application and extensive usage

  • Environmentally hygienic

Product Guarantee & Warranty:

  • 4000 hours of life span (8-12 years)

  • 1 Year Manufacture Warranty

Portable Oxygen Generator, EWOT
(Exercise With Oxygen Therapy)
Product of the Year-

For Those Who Need Pure & Healthy Oxygen

This CE 0434 certified oxygen generator delivers 10-12 liters of 99% high purity oxygen that lasts 10-12 minutes. No risk or danger of tank explosion, no electric shock, nor noise. Easy to use, convenient to carry at any time and place. This EWOT (Exercise With Oxygen Therapy) machine is the most portable, yet affordable one on the market.


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+ shipping*
Special order item. May take 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Test of Oxygen Generating Efficiency

                    1 Min        3 Min          5 Min        7.30 Min

N2 (%)          38.50          1.09           0.190        0.449
O2 (%)          60.99         98.88          99.79        99.53
Ar (%)           0.479          0.014         0.003        0.006
CO2 (%)       0.025          0.011         0.011        0.011

Quality Data Sheet

Ingredients: Na2CO3, 3/2 H2O, MnO2
Generating Volume of Oxygen:  1L 0.2L/min
Density of Oxygen: 99% - 0.5%
Weight: A. Powder 3.5 0.5g
B Powder 90g 2g
Generator: 0.9Kg
Pressure of Oxygen: 60.8mmHg

MicroCare Snore Stopper
Put the Watch on Your Wrist before Sleep and It Works

Immediate Snore Relief for Yourself and Your Sleeping Partner

Nearly half of the population is affected by snoring (or by their sleeping partners). Snoring most commonly occurs when persons sleep on their back, or remain unchanged positions throughout the night. A change of sleeping position can often stop a person snoring.

MicroCare Snore Stopper is designed like a watch with an adjustable Velcro strap. There are no sharp edges, which can harm person or his/her partner while asleep, or which can get caught up in bed linen.

Simply put on MicroCare Snore Stopper before going to sleep and press the button to activate.  

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49 + shipping*

MicroCare Snore Stopper works by detecting snore sounds and sending out weak electrical impulses to the wrist, which will normally cause the person to move and change sleeping positions without waking up. The MicroCare Snore Stopper is completely painless.

Technical Data:

  • Model No AH 5217
  • Power Source: Lithium Battery Type CR2032 3 Volts
  • Complies to: EN 61000-6-1:2001, EN 61000-6-3:2001
  • Conforms to: EMC Regulations (Electrode Magnetic Compatibility Directive 89/336 EEC)

ISO 9002 Certified

For Instructions, Caution and Battery Replacement <click>


Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
Accu Blood Oxygen and Pulse Reading in Seconds
Deluxe Model

  • Portable, dynamic but elegant design, and extremely light (50g with batteries)

  • Size: 2.25 L  x 1.25 W  x 1.25 H

  • Low power consumption (battery efficiency) and automatic power-off

  • Simple to operate and easy to check within seconds

  • Digital LED display for spot reading

  • Round-the-clock continuous use

  • Superiorly accurate, and indispensable to doctor, nurse, healthcare professional and lay people for every day use  

  • CE 0123, TUV & MD Certificates for unsurpassed quality

  • Low voltage indicator

  • No sensor required

  • 2 AAA alkaline batteries included

  • 1 carrying strap

  • Color box

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