Korean Cupping Set

This cupping set is arguably one of the best on the market. It is a Korean made, break-resistant plastic cupping set. It is available with 15 cups, including 2 dia(10 pcs), 1.8(2 pcs), 1.6(1pc), 1.3(1 pc), 1.1 (1 pc). Sold by set only.

Cupping has been around for centuries, but has only just recently become popularized again when numerous 2016 Olympic athletes used the therapy to gain a competitive edge over their fierce competition. Michael Phelps being the most high profile athlete to use cupping therapy, becoming the absolute most decorated Olympic athlete of all time with a record 28 medals. 23 of which are Gold.

Cupping therapy works in that the skin and muscles are sucked into the cup, thus drawing blood to the area in order to feed the muscles and other tissues with more nutrition and oxygen. This can aid in faster recoveries from injuries and soreness, and can also aid in accelerated muscle growth by providing more nutrition and oxygen to the muscles in an immediate and direct fashion.

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