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Pain Free With Far Infrared Mineral Therapy
by Kara Lee Schoonover
102 pages

Expert Opinions

Pain Free with Far Infrared Therapy Book, Kara Lee Schoonover, FIT, tdp


This book does an excellent job of sharing and explaining the use of the FIT Healing Lamp: how it works, what it is good for, and how to use it. Essential reading to both users and health professionals alike, this book contains gems of healing wisdom that add a new dimension to our concept of pain relief. It also discusses many methods of healing disease and injuries with the FIT Healing Lamp and presents practical ways of applying this knowledge in our own lives.

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This fantastic book by Kara Lee Schoonover is the most comprehensive and researched review of the FIM healing lamp. Whether you own a healing lamp or are looking into purchasing one, this book will be an invaluable guide to your health and ways to treat over 100 ailments.

Foreword by Dr. Jing Yang Na

Traditional trained Chinese medical doctors have used the far infrared mineral lamp successfully. This lamp is great for various medical conditions and has been used in many hospitals all over China for several decades. It is popular with acupuncturists, surgical physicians, and physical therapy departments in the Chinese hospitals.

Because of it's apparent results for pain relief and other benefits, it is also known as the "magic lamp". As a Chinese Doctor, I am happy that Kara has written a book about her personal experiences of using the infrared mineral lamp or "magic lamp".

As both a patient and a user, Kara has done an excellent job in sharing and explaining the use of the lamp and how it works, what it is good for, and how to use it. She has a lot of personal experiences and has done extensive study about the infrared mineral lamp. I found it interesting to see the differences in what the American users think of this lamp and how they explain the lamp.

This book is very beneficial to both users and professionals alike. Enjoy the information Kara shares in this wonderfully written book of knowledge!

By Dr. Jing Yang Na
Healing Arts Clinic by the River
Maple Valley, Washington.

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Pain Free With Far Infrared Mineral Therapy

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