Instructions for Use:

1.       Remove battery compartment, which is located underneath the unit.

2.       Insert CR2032 Lithium battery provided with printed surface on the battery facing upwards.

3.       Close battery compartment.

4.       Apply coat of contact gel to each black electrode situated underneath Snore Stopper.

5.       Place on either wrist using comfortable Velcro strap. Adjust strap so it is firmly, but comfortably attached - strap should not feel in any way tight.

6.       Press "Power Start" and hold down until green LED flashes. You will feel the electronic impulses, which are transmitted to your wrist via the electrodes. The electronic impulses are memorized at the previous intensity level setting. Press "Max" or "Min" button to adjust intensity so you can feel at a comfortable level. Remember that the idea of the Snore Stopper is that these impulses will be enough to make you change sleeping positions but not to wake you up!

7.       Press "Power Start" to confirm intensity level selected.

8.       Test unit by making a "snoring sound". You will feel impulses are activated for about three seconds and green LED light will flash. Unit will then deactivate until such time as it hears a further "snoring sound".

9.       To turn off unit, keep "Power Start" depressed until red LED flashes.

10.    To reset or change the intensity level, press "Power Start" and keep depressed until green LED flashes. Then follow steps 5 to 7 again.

11.    Unit will automatically switch off after 8 hours.

12.    After use, wipe away all surface contact gel from back of unit using a piece of cloth or tissue.


1.  De not use or place unit near any open flames. (Any form of fire or candles, etc.)

2.  Do not immerse unit in water i.e. do not use in bath or while washing hands. In the event that MicroCare Snore Stopper is not used for a long period of time, remove the battery from the battery compartment to ensure there is no corrosion.

   Battery Replacement:

   Snore Stopper uses model CR2032 3 volt Lithium battery Batteries can be obtained from most drug stores.