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Conditions that Benefit from FIR Treatment
FIR treatment stimulates blood circulation, delivering high levels of oxygen and nutrients to damaged cells, eliminating toxins and cellular waste. Because this effect is so beneficial to every area and organ of the body, the benefits extend to a wide range of maladies that inflict disease and malfunction. The additional "regulatory" effect of FIR treatment greatly benefits the function of treated organs, including the hypothalamus, which controls hormonal and neurochemical production, resulting in improved overall organ function and greater health.
Although Healing Lamp will not present a large list of conditions that are ameliorated by FIR treatment, understanding that the presentation of a "panacea therapy" can undermine the credibility of any legitimate technology, we are confident that any interested researcher will recognize that any malady that can benefit from increased oxygenation and detoxification can legitimately be included in such a list.
Hundreds of clinical, medical and scientific studies have been performed on over a hundred conditions, and in almost every case, large segments of the FIR treated groups experienced marked improvement in their conditions.

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Healing Lamp advises that you ask your doctor about using far-infrared treatment for any condition before doing so.  Be careful to avoid touching the heated portions of the lamp, or to place the heated mineral plate too close to the treated area, to avoid burns.


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